HeartSentry: Personal Cardiovascular Health Monitor 

A simple and effective device that accurately measures the function of the endothelium. 

Blood pressure, pulse and endothelial function deliver unparalleled data
Blood pressure, pulse and endothelial function deliver unparalleled data. Design concept – not currently available for sale.

HeartSentry is designed to efficiently measure increases in arterial volume which occur when the endothelial cells of the artery are stimulated, and the muscles in the wall of the artery relax.

A proprietary blood pressure cuff utilizes specialized algorithms to interpret changes in the volume of blood in the arm. In a relaxed, dilated artery, the volume change over the cardiac cycle is much greater than baseline levels, typically by more than 80% in healthy subjects.

The HeartSentry inflatable cuff is outwardly identical to a standard blood pressure cuff, but is differentiated by its advanced firmware and software which operates a patent-protected measurement protocol.

The fully automated device is compact and inexpensive enough for commercial use in the home care market and primary care physician offices. Its integrated Bluetooth technology can communicate with nearby smart applications which can act as a portal to cloud-based technologies enabling advanced ongoing monitoring opportunities between patient and clinical care providers.

Research Results

Initial studies with 50 patients demonstrated a strong correlation to ultrasound results. The diagnostic value of the measurement is supported by thousands of peer-reviewed studies.


  • 500% improved sensitivity over the current standard (ultrasound in a clinic with a trained technician) for endothelial function measurement
  • A consistently higher accuracy
  • Much lower variability


  • For at-risk individuals or post cardiac event patients.
  • Improves early stage detection of heart disease.
  • Monitors ongoing treatment effectiveness.
  • Compact risk assessment solution – for home or clinical use.
  • Critical cardiovascular health data aids prevention of atherosclerosis, heart attacks & stroke.
  • Bluetooth integrates with wearable technology.
  • Simple & easy to use for consumers.
  • No similar personal use system commercially available.
  • Inexpensive and suitable for mass retail consumer sales.
  • Technology extensively tested and proven.

Comparative Technology

The choice is easy…



  • ~$50k to $200k / unit
  • Operating costs vary
  • Requires trained personnel
  • Clinic based
  • Patient booking availability will vary
  • Test time: 1hr + travel + clinic access



  • Premium device, affordably priced.
  • Designed for retail sale (not yet commercially available)
  • Portable/home and clinical use
  • Operating cost: N/A
  • No training required
  • Test time: <5 min anywhere, anytime
  • Bluetooth results upload easily
  • Measures endothelial function in large arteries.

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