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May 24, 2018

The Wellness Sector Revolution and HeartSentry by Lexington Bioscience

Dear Friends and Shareholders,

Today, the Lexington Biosciences team is bringing together some items and articles of interest all in one location in order to inform and educate about an extraordinary story going on around us.

Some of you may already know all about our company, and some may be new to us. Perhaps the notion of a wellness “revolution” isn’t clear. But hopefully you will take this opportunity to delve a bit deeper and so we hope you find it useful to have some key information all in one place. Mostly its all about the growing wellness revolution taking place all around us, and of course in particular how Lexington is right in the middle of this amazing opportunity!

To recap, Lexington Biosciences is a publicly traded (CSE: LNB / OTC: LXGTF) medical device company developing the HeartSentry, a new non-invasive diagnostic device to measure and monitor cardiovascular health by assessing the function of a person’s vascular endothelium – the vital innermost lining of the cardiovascular system. Currently, the standard of care is measurement using expensive external ultrasound by a highly trained technician.

Recently, our President & CEO Eric Willis was featured on the cover of a special cardiovascular online edition of Med Tech Outlook which takes an in-depth look at Lexington and its HeartSentry product.

“Our goal is to begin marketing the HeartSentry in 2019 to clinicians once FDA 510(k) clearance is obtained.” – Eric Willis, President

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The article’s author makes note of the very important fact that the company’s flagship product is undergoing a clinical research study in the San Francisco Bay Area, and at the time the article was written had just commenced the study. Today, the company has completed a number of study phases and has engaged a cardiovascular research group at the University of British Columbia to conduct an independent peer review of the study results when finalized. This combined effort is aimed at securing FDA clearance in preparation for commercialization. There has been a lot of work since the company’s inception to advance quickly to where we are now, and an excellent measure of this effort is to review this Quick Guide to HeartSentry Clinical Study infographic to more clearly understand where we started and what it took to get to where we are today.

The HeartSentry core technology was developed at the University of California Berkeley over a fifteen-year R&D period involving many research studies and product iterations resulting in a portfolio of multiple pending and issued patents licensed to the company. Our aim is to make HeartSentry accurate, quick, and cost effective so it can become the standard of care for cardiologists, general practitioners, and ultimately patients for first line evaluation of a person’s cardiovascular health.

HeartSentry is part of a growing revolution in the sector, as evidenced by companies like FITBIT and Google’s Cloud Healthcare working together to make it easier for clinicians and patients to collaborate on care, leading to better health outcomes.

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It’s no secret that a number of major technology players are shifting into the growing $3 trillion-dollar healthcare sector. The facts and the statistics make a compelling argument that far from being a novel device, HeartSentry and many other future devices will soon be the new normal for patient care. It could bring about great change for prevention, monitoring and treatment unlike anything seen before.

Here is a great infographic titled The Big Tech Healthcare Invasion that clearly lays out the scope of opportunity – by the numbers.


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Current Device

Proposed Design

What will the HeartSentry life cycle look like?
The HeartSentry is expected to be a reusable product but may also be marketed as a fee per use business model.

Is the technology scalable – i.e. for consumer use?
The technology is designed to be developed into a professional product and potentially as a consumer product pending FDA market approval.

How does the 510(k)-clearance process compare with having to do clinical trials?
The HeartSentry requires FDA “clearance” (i.e., 510(k) clearance) before the device can be marketed and sold within the United States.  The clearance requires a manufacturer to demonstrate to the FDA that their product is “substantially equivalent” to a product that has been previously cleared by the FDA. The 510(k) process for the HeartSentry requires data obtained from clinical trials to support substantial equivalence.

When do you anticipate FDA clearance?
Based on our strategic plan, our target to obtain FDA clearance for the professional HeartSentry product is late 2018 or early 2019.  We have engaged with the FDA under pre-submission correspondences to obtain their input prior to starting our clinical trials and are on-track to submit our 510(k) application once we have compiled the required clinical data.

Do you have a prototype?
We have finished with the prototype phase and are currently in clinical testing of the first generation HeartSentry device intended for clinical study use.

When will the final product be completed?
The clinical trial product is available now and is currently in use. We are targeting a 2019 launch with a fully commercial ready product.

Where do you plan on manufacturing the product; in the U.S. or Asia?
Currently we are manufacturing the units in the United States and as we ramp up our commercial activity we will continue to evaluate cost-efficient manufacturing options.

How long does it take to measure a reading from the HeartSentry device?
Currently the test takes about ten minutes in a clinical trial setting, but we aim to lower the time to roughly 5 minutes per test as we enter the marketplace.

Is LNB the only company that does this?
Other companies and researchers have attempted to create devices like this, but none have been as simple and easy to use as HeartSentry.

How exactly does it work? How does it take its measurements?
The HeartSentry measures endothelial function by providing an external stimulation to the cardiovascular system and measuring the response.

How is this different than taking blood pressure?
In simple terms, HeartSentry measures heart rate, blood pressure, and endothelial function score, which has been shown in prior clinical research studies to be a predictor of future cardiovascular events. Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood in the circulatory system, often measured for diagnosis since it is closely related to the force and rate of the heartbeat and the diameter and elasticity of the arterial walls. Endothelial dysfunction can be defined as reduced bio-availability of Nitric Oxide (NO) which plays many roles in maintaining vascular health, most importantly its role in vasomotion. Hence, endothelial dysfunction is defined as an impairment of endothelium dependent vasodilation and a key factor of predictive assessment.

Are you planning to sell to other markets than the U.S.?
Our intention currently is to initially focus on the U.S. domestic market, but we are considering other international market approvals, including but not limited to Canada, Europe and Asia.

When can you bring the product to market?
We are aiming for a 2019 limited launch of the HeartSentry, initially into the professional marketplace.

Will the clinical studies be published in a medical journal?
We have not yet chosen the medical journals to publish our results in, but we are committed to being a part of the peer reviewed scientific process.

We take very seriously all patient privacy laws in the design, development, and deployment of our products, including HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act).

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